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It’s time to do something for MyCreativeKids.NET. This domain had been registered for few years and it was originally aiming at sharing a my experience, knowledge and feelings to my son. I knew that my son will leave him alone one day for his own life. Although I may have high expectation to his son, I really want my son can grow up and tackle every difficulty to be happened. He always make my angry and hurt because he scold at me with his ignorance. He always behave impolitely to his parents. No matter what he did, I believe he is creative, he can imagine something that I can’t understand at the moment. You may say this is generation gap, it did. As such, I name this website as “MyCreativeKids”, why plural form is used here? I also believe that my feeling is also other parents’ feeling. They also realized that their daughters and sons are lovely and creative. As a parent, what we really care is that health and happiness can always accomplish with our daughters and son.

Specially for my son, Deon Choi.

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